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Nous Sommes Des Amants
Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Glee.
Note I: This is a Puck/Kurt one-shot.
Note II: I saw this picture on LiveJournal (that was a tease to all Puck/Kurt lovers) and I immediately had plot bunnies attacking me. I just had to write this short little story. It's in Kurt's POV, and you'll find out what the title means once you finish reading. Enjoy.
- - - -
"Just tell me the truth; what's going on between you and Puck?"
So here I was, trapped in the luxurious but overly flamboyant room that the school newspaper committee used to discuss the things they gathered throughout the school. Besides Jacob Israel, who was sitting on the chair in front of Puck and I, there were a few other people standing at the only exit out of the room to make sure no one left until someone spilled some juicy gossip. I glanced at the door for a moment, then looked back at Jacob and Puck, who were both looking at me. Puck nervously held his phone in his hands, but once we locked eyes, I k
:iconcrazycartoongirl:CrazyCartoonGirl 18 11
3 by Finn Hudson by CrazyCartoonGirl 3 by Finn Hudson :iconcrazycartoongirl:CrazyCartoonGirl 6 5 Puck and Rachel by CrazyCartoonGirl Puck and Rachel :iconcrazycartoongirl:CrazyCartoonGirl 97 14 Cobra Starship Wallpaper by CrazyCartoonGirl Cobra Starship Wallpaper :iconcrazycartoongirl:CrazyCartoonGirl 13 8
Angelic Confessions
Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Super Smash Bros. Brawl or anything else in this story.
Note: I was in math class and completely bored with doing my homework, so I pulled out another sheet of paper and wrote this. Enjoy it. XD
It was a chilly winter morning at the mansion as Ike drew Pit closer. Both were lying on the large bed they shared in their room, which had all of their weapons, possessions, and clothes scattered about. Pit was sleeping quite soundly, much like an angel should on such a morning as the cool air swept in through the open window. The smaller boy had his wings placed over his body so that he could keep warm, but also allow Ike access to his waist, which the mercenary kept firmly in his grip.
Pit stirred slightly in his sleep as the wind seemed to hover over his body, which only had his wings and a pair of pajama shorts to keep its warmth to not die out. Ike groaned at this and rol
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Cobra Starship by CrazyCartoonGirl Cobra Starship :iconcrazycartoongirl:CrazyCartoonGirl 3 1 Random Doodles by CrazyCartoonGirl Random Doodles :iconcrazycartoongirl:CrazyCartoonGirl 3 12
The Toaster From Hell
“For the last time, kid, the toaster isn't out to get you.” Ratchet groaned as he watched Sari eye the toaster in the newly refurbished kitchen the Autobots had added to their small base on Cybertron for her sake.
“Uh huh.” She nodded, “That what you said yesterday, and the sucker nearly took out my head when you guys left.”
“Riiiiiight," Jazz snorted from his position at the entrance a few feet away. "We're going out to Sentinel's trial. Try not to break anything, ya dig?”
“I can't guarantee that there won't be broken machines as long as that thing is here.” Sari chimed in as she sat staring at the toaster.
"You four should stay and watch her," Optimus Prime whispered to the Jettwins, Bumblebee, and Bulkhead. "Prowl's death has really affected her human mind."
"You can count on us, boss-bot." Bumblebee reassured.
"We'll keep an eye on her right after we finish playing Ninja Gladiator." Bulkhead added.
"I play winner!" Jetfire and Jetst
:iconcrazycartoongirl:CrazyCartoonGirl 10 11
Team Jacob Sketch by CrazyCartoonGirl Team Jacob Sketch :iconcrazycartoongirl:CrazyCartoonGirl 4 5


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United States
Current Residence: California, USA
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Update: I recently created a new group (BigTimeRush)for fans of the show so go join if you like the show. Be sure to spread it to other people too. :headbang:

- - - -

Should I be working on other things right now? Yep. Do I honestly care? Eh, probably not. I just want to update and say that Friday was pure awesome. GreenRockett and I went to Rainforest Cafe, had a BTR (Big Time Rush) dinosaur chicken fight, totally owned a group of BTR fanboys by phone, and saw the amazing Alice in Wonderland. I can't really describe it anymore, because it's too awesome to describe in words, so I'll just leave you with curiosity. Talk to you people later! :peace:


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